Grade 4 Class 41

Welcome to Grade 4, Class 41!

I am very pleased and proud to be working at Win Ferguson Elementary School!  In grade four, we have another very exciting year of learning ahead of us.  I am looking forward to meeting parents and each every student entering Class 41!

Please check the school website on a regular basis for information on school activities and forthcoming events.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached via your child's agenda, via Class Dojo, by telephone, or by email: 

Email:       Tel:  (780) 998-1441.

I very much look forward to working with you and your child, this year!


Please note:  For drop-off and pick-up, Class 41 students use Exit 9.




 Please send your child's agenda to school every day.  The agenda is a great communication tool, and it is one very important way we can keep each other informed and up-to-date regarding homework assignments, test dates, classroom activities, and forthcoming events.

Classroom Expectations:

 Students in Class 41 are expected to:

  • Work quietly.
  • Listen carefully in class.
  • Follow directions.
  • Respect themselves and others property.
  • Keep to their own space.
  • Show Star Behaviour at all times.

 Consequences for Positive Choices in Class 41 include:

  • Verbal Praise.
  • Earning Positive referrals.
  • Earning Stars.
  • Positive notes in the agenda/emails/phone calls home.

Consequences for Negative Choices in Class41 include:

  • "Take 5"- Child must sit for 5 minutes at the back of the class to think about their behavior and how to improve.
  • Discussion of behavior one-on-one in classroom or hallway.
  • Negative note in the agenda/phone call home.
  • DT/Loss of recess.
  • Referral to the Office.
  • Loss/restriction of privileges.